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Who is Julie Chen?

Julie Suzanne Chen is a journalist, presenter, tv producer, TV character for CBS. She’s also an actress. Till date, her career was just as perfect as her private life. The famed performer has undergone plastic surgery and we are just about to learn what drove her into such a choice.

Can she have plastic surgery? Why?

Julie Chen disclosed that racism at the office directed her to undergo plastic surgery. She revealed her secret “The Conversation ” at which it had been her turn to discuss her existence ‘s most kept confidential. The glamorous tv host confessed when she was a young reporter working on Dayton, Ohio she underwent cosmetic surgery. Her representative and information manager told Julie she could never make it into the top anchor when she didn’t change her physical appearance. This was her dream for a leading anchor, she had been a young lady who had fantasies and her look was hindering her victory to be an anchor.

Eye surgery

Chen confessed the representative and information manager told her Asian eyes frequently made her appearance “disinterested and bored”. Back then her eyes appeared smaller and very thick. The manager specifically told me that she’d never make it like an anchor since she seemed more as a Chinese and also wouldn’t link to the crowd due to her looks. The criticism was so profound that Julie made her mind up to perform a blepharoplasty also called double-eyelid operation. The surgery had been completed on Julie when she was aged 25 decades but never talked about it before in her early 40s.

Rhinoplasty (Nose job)

Julie Chen confessed to being achieved a watch operation but refused of getting Rhinoplasty. Assessing her appearances today, it’s apparent that she completed the Rhinoplasty. Chen seems more sculpted using a thinner nose . Lots of men and women feel that she secured the nose job in order to alter some attributes that she believed to be out of place. Her nose suggestion is elegant and the narrow bridge features connection to some rhinoplasty.

Today is the 2-year anniversary of my Mother-In-Law’s passing, Jo Moonves. She was such a joy, a light and an inspiration. We miss you and love you Jo, and will carry you with us always. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸΌ

Posted by Julie Chen on Sunday, July 15, 2018

Other Components Operation

The fineness of Julie’s facial appearance has drawn attention and perspectives of a lot of folks. She’s been in the limelight and several accuse her of doing a facelift to provide her an ideal appearance she has today. She’s denied claims of getting her face structured stating using makeup which makes her face look distinct. Julie Chen is supposed to possess a botox operation to help eliminate wrinkles that have emerged on her face because of old age.

Before and after operation can she seem?

Considering Julie Chen’s images prior to performing the operation, she was looking amazing. But, her relatives and fans voiced their disappointment asserting that she’s abandoned her Asian standards and accommodated the snowy norms. She, however, dismissed the claims stating she’s a proud Chinese. Additionally, she confessed to having no regrets. Well, comparing her appearances then and today, Julie Chen looks magnificent and might be her operation brought out the very best in her.

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