Who’s Jackie Braasch? Wiki-Bio: Married, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Dating, Salary

Who is Jackie Braasch?

Just lately, Large chief, a famed racer known his return to maintain the best position among the road racers. This return has arrived at a time when there are speculations about him using a new girlfriend in his lifetime, Jackie Braasch. His life has been abandoned by these rumors under scrutiny. Many are wondering, how would this rumor hold some water? Well, as it remains subject to verification, I bring you all info concerning the girlfriend. Keep reading to learn who Jackie Braasch is, what she’s doing for a living and so forth.

Jackie Braasch Big Chief’s New Girlfriend?

As previously mentioned, rumor has it that both are dating. At present, Big Chef remains married to Allicia and remains involved with the company of increasing their two kids. Therefore, there are no confirmations seeing if the two are a thing or not. Big Chief has avoided talking about the topic. Nonetheless, there were rumors swirling around the Justin might be divorcing Allicia soon. Regarding whether Jackie and Justin will formalize the rumors which have been performing rounds remains to be seen.

The Career of jackie

The same as Big Chief, she’s a famous sportsperson. For her, racing appears to be triggered naturally. Her passion for racing started back in her childhood days, afterward, she was able to race in the Junior Dragster Division for its kids. At present, she’s a part of Auto Chix, a company for women in motorsports. Ms. Braasch became a part of this company after emerging one of the top 12 finalists from the 2014 competition that has 398 entries. She’s known for her involvement in races like Rocket Brand Race Fuel along with the Super Pro. Supply:-carchix Her enthusiasm for racing is portrayed in her social networking webpages. She regularly posts images of her, automobiles, her pets and lots of selfies. She definitely loves her entire life as a racer.

Her Loved Ones

Jackie says that the passion for automobiles and racing runs in her loved ones. Her father was able to carry her with him into the motorsports. She was likewise attracted along whenever he had been rushing. Jackie also helped him running simple errands because her dad was constructing his own ’85 Chevy Camaro. Her entire family was involved with drag racing.

Jackie’s Message to Women

Irrespective of the allegations of being a house breaker, Jackie has an important message to all girls. She Encourages girls to follow their own dreams, irrespective of their age. She states that when women get any discouragement, then they ought to use that as a motivation to prove everyone else wrong. This info is healthful particularly for girls who shy away from rushing which is thought to be a male career-path. Source:-carchix


Jackie was involved in racing since she was a kid. Transferring her profileshe comes from a family of racers too. She takes part in various races inside her birth house in Illinois.

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