Who’s George Santo Pietro? Bio-Wiki: Net Worth, Nationality, Family, Now

Who is George Santo Pietro?

George Santo Pietro is a title which came into life when he wed the TV character, Vanna White. He’s a movie director, Restaurateur and now, he’s a property developer. He had been a fan of Vanna White before becoming married to Vanna White. He was one of the fans who stood by Vanna’s side when her fianc John Gibson expired.

George Santo Pietro Married Life and Wife.

George’s love life was filled with twists and spins. Before becoming married to Vanna White, George was married to Linda Evans, a celebrity from 1981. Their union didn’t continue long in 1985 their union came to a conclusion. However, their union bore a child a baby girl in 1982 Andrea Santo Pietro. It was then he came to the limelight. They had been married and even despite the miscarriages Vanna confronted in 1992 they stood together. Five years into their union in 1995 Vanna managed to give birth to their son Niko Santo Pietro afterwards in 1997 she gave birth to a baby girl Gigi Santo Pietro. Resource: Zimbio It came as a surprise to George if Vanna White announced her engagement to Michael Kaye a company guy. Regardless of the jolt, he moved forward to possess his very own life. He got remarried back on 8 October 2005 to Melissa Mascari. A couple of years into their union in 2007, Melissa bore a girl Chiara Santo Pietro. George and Melissa are now married up to now.

Career path.

He started as a restaurateur that he became so wealthy being a clasp and dolly grip. His spouse Vanna is mentioned in a meeting stating how wealthy his own ex-husband was once he wed him. It had been after marrying Vanna which George ventured into directing movies such Kept. He maintained his career as a movie director for a lengthy time before changing to some other career. Currently, he works as property developer in the U.S.A. For quite a while, ” he didn’t make it into the headlines before 2010 when he offered his Beverly Hill Mansion. The news of this sale produced a great deal of speculations because, regardless of the home being priced at $50 million originally, George sold the home at $23.5 million that is below half of the cost of the home.

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