Where’s Paul Teutul Sr. now? Bio: Net Worth, Died, Death, Now, Today, Relationship

Where is Paul Teutul Sr.?

Meet Paul Teutul Sr.. Wife. Find out more about his net worth and earnings in the series and figure out his married life. Who are his children and loved ones? In the event that you one of those people who are interested in bicycles or had attention at any stage in your lifetime, then odds are you also have watched the series ‘American Choppers’ at a stage. It’s a series featuring the bicycles modification and personalization shop ‘Orange Country Chopper’ or OCC possessed by him.

Paul Teutul Sr.. Married and family Life: Satisfy with Kids and his Wife.

Paul Teutul Sr. is a well-recognized figure on the planet, but he’s not to be confused with Paul Teutul Jr. that isn’t just his son but a co-star of ‘American Choppers’ and also a part of the OCC. His other kids comprise his sons Michael Teutul and Daniel Teutul who also has appeared at the series. He’s 3 sons in addition to a daughter called Christin and they collectively form his family. Following his kids, you’d feel he has a spouse as well as his loved ones but really no, he doesn’t own a spouse now at least. He had been married to Paula Teutul. They had been married from 1969 to 1995 and will be the mother of 4 of his kids. Paul Teutul Sr. later remarried Beth Ann Santos at 2007, and she was his wife but just for eight years before 2015. He’s single based on our understanding.

Paul Teutul Sr.. Net Worth and Salary

Paul Teutul Sr. is a beloved TV character who stars in the hit reality TV series ‘American Choppers’ that includes him and his store ‘Orange Country Choppers’ at New York that comes in customizing and alteration of Chopper bicycles. Orange Country Choppers he run run is a entirely successful company in itself, however it’s also part of a remarkably popular series on TV so Paul Teutul Sr. earnings earnings and increase his net worth from being a television character too. You’d feel he could have an extremely large net worth, but that’s not the situation. Although it’s a remarkable amount, it isn’t too celebrity standing worthy. This is most likely because this American Chopper’s throw has gone bankrupt. He filed for bankruptcy only lately in March this year with debts of 1,070,893 and resources of 1,801,729. This clarifies his reduced net worth particularly when he’s other debts. His registered annual salary is just 15,000 bucks while his yearly costs itself is a bit over 12,000 bucks.

His Wiki and Bio

Though he was not part of the army, Paul joined the US Merchant Marines and sailed together throughout the Vietnam War. He opened a manufacturing shop ‘Orange Country Ironworks’ now exclusively owned by son, Daniel. Paul Teutul Sr. is famed for being one of the key stars of this series ‘American Choppers’ and proprietor of ‘Orange County Choppers. ‘ His Birthday is at 1st May. He had been born in 1949 AD. Paul Teutul Sr. is 69 years old at March 15, 2018.

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