Where’s Maria Victoria Henao now? Wiki: Death, Net Worth, Brother, Parents

Where is Maria Victoria Henao?

Have you ever watched Narcos? This is a favorite show on Netflix that includes drug smuggling. Wagner Moura, among those celebrities plays a part inspired by Pablo Escobar. Tilting back to real life, who’s Pablo Escobar? See, like I say, some girls should have come as a particular gift from above. Picture this, a woman defies the societal norms set by her loved ones, marries her teenaged lover; the guy becomes involved in all types of scandals but this lady, sticks ; through thin and thick. This girl is Pablo Escobar’s wife, Maria Victoria Henao. There’s not any greater way to get to know the life span of this late cocaine smuggler than throughout the life span of the main half, Maria Henao.

Her Married Life with Pablo Escobar

There’s not a whole lot to show about Henao prior to her marriage to Escobar. But, based on earnthenecklace, Henao fulfilled this drug (cocaine) seller at the tender age of 13. It’s believed that both fulfilled Henao’s brother that used to work at Escobar’s miniature crime-deals. By then, Pablo had been 24. Never mind this age gap, these two fell in love, began dating and eventually tied the knot. Resource: Twitter They moved against all of the odds including a powerful disapproval from Maria’s family. Her family believed that, socially, Pablo wasn’t great enough to marry their daughter. Nevertheless, the couple threw care and chose to elope. They followed their psychological bond.

The Infidelity of escobar

Regrettably, Escobar’s devotion to his spouse was short lived. He had many connections and extra-marital affairs with a number of girls. In spite of many occasions, Maria Henao stayed by her husband’s side. She was always there inviting him to become powerful. Being a cocaine smuggler and also a guy with numerous connections, Pablo faced numerous struggles, but Henao would always be there for him.

Her Net Worth

After the passing of her husband Pablo at 1993, Maria and her kids tried moving from 1 nation to another. Presently, Married Biography claims that after going to Argentina, Maria changed her name to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero to prevent the interest of law enforcement. She’s thought to have resorted within an apartment and chose to steer clear of the general public. There’s not any advice on her wages or net worth. While her husband Pablo was living, Maria was able to keep her husband’s net worth, that was $30 billion from the 90s. This was a substantial cash back and it left him one of the wealthiest men on the planet at that moment. He had established his empire characterized by several residential houses and safe homes among a number of different assets. In addition, he owned a house in Miami, Florida. Unfortunately for Maria and her kid, the Columbian authorities after Escobar’s passing took up these resources. Source: Luxgram

Education and Career

At this time, there’s absolutely no advice on Maria’s schooling or profession. As previously mentioned, she came in public following her participation with Pablo Escobar. Wassup Celebs claims that Henao led a lavish lifestyle encouraged from the cocaine prices earnings. Additionally, there are other speculations she just remained with her husband due to the money. Obviously, this can be a topic that different individuals would argue out otherwise.


Maria, a Columbian federal has three sisters. As previously mentioned, her family didn’t approve of her relationship with Pablo. They promised he was unfit for their own daughter. Maria gave them a deaf ear and eloped with her lover two decades after they met. True to his word, Pablo was unfaithful to his wife, and he dedicated many offenses apart from having an injectable medication lord. There’s not much that’s been mentioned about Maria’s household following her participation with Pablo Escobar.

Maria Victoria Henao and Pablo Escobar Children

Maria became a mommy for the very first time on February 24, 1977. Later in 1984, the couple obtained another child, now a woman. They called her Manuela. He graduated with a diploma in design. Sources say he’s married and is a father to a gorgeous daughter. Unlike his dad, Sebastian works as an architect and is leading a good life. While Maria and her son Sebastian had headed a somewhat public life (before they had been made to conceal their actual names), Manuela is a little reserved and prefers to not emerge from the media. Therefore, there is not much about her in the limelight. But it’s widely known that Pablo was fond of Manuela which he constantly went an excess mile to keep her happy and well, for example, he burnt 2million dollars to stop her from succumbing to hypothermia while his family had been on the run.

Maria Victoria Henao and Her Children after the Departure of Escobar

They needed to flee after his passing out of this nation. Maria and her two kids have been said to have attempted moving to Peru, South Africa, Mozambique, Ecuador, and Brazil, but being the household of the wealthiest drug trader; Maria and her children have been denied access. After a lengthy battle, the family was able to enter Argentina. Back in Columbia, the authorities had proceeded to grab all of the resources and wealth related to the late Pablo Escobar.In a movement that would be considered attempting to cleanse his dad ‘s sins, Sebastian later authored a publication called ‘Sins of My Father. ‘ He made attempts to assist individuals who’d fallen prey to his dad ‘s atrocities. This is based on earnthenecklace.com.


Title: Maria Victoria Henao Date of Birth: 1961 Place of Arrival: Columbia Nationality: Columbian Marital status: married (widowed) Married to: the late Pablo Escobar Children: Sebastian Marroquin and Manuela Escobar.

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