Where’s Ice Road Truckers now? Bio: Death, Son, Died, Salary, Husband, Net Worth

Where is Ice Road Truckers?

Ice street truckers is a reality TV show that first premiered on the History channel in June 2007. The TV series runs on the lives of truck drivers that generally operate trucks on various paths. The series is cast on the distant regions of Canada and Alaska. After a time, the series ‘s setting has been shifted to Dalton Highway, which can be both a detached location and mostly characterized by snow. In the following guide, we’ll bring into view about the series such as the series ‘s total net worth, the earnings of the person casts and their brief biographies.

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Ice Road Truckers Salary and Net Worth

Ice road trucking wasn’t a favorite task until the action beamed onto the reality series. As a matter of reality, just individuals had heard of it before the series came to being. That is a job which has many dangers at hand however is this work worth? The ice road truckers have a monthly income of $20,000 and an income of $80,000 from every season. Permit ‘s narrow down to all the person throw. Scroll down to Learn More about Ice Road Truckers Salary each incident.

Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly Salary and Net Worth

You probably know her as the sexy chick on ice road truckers. This ‘s about this particular beauty. She had been born on 8 December 1980. This makes her years old at this time of writing this report. She had been born in Grand Rapids and increased in Sterling Alaska. Lisa Kelly was around and also on the reality show since 2009. She was registered at Cornerstone University but didn’t finish her research, she dropped out and returned to Alaska. Wondering when Lisa is accepted? The couple was married since 2008. Lisa is a wealthy girl, she’s a net worth of about $500,000. Lisa is a hardworking woman who has strived greatly to create it about the male-dominated area.

Darrell Ward Salary and Net Worth

Darrel was a favorite TV character. Darrell Ward first appeared on the series in 2012 if the series was on his 6 th season until its 10 past season. He was filled with energy which made him among their favourite throw one of the followers of this reality series. Regrettably, a terrific airplane crash claimed his life on 28 th August 2016. But who had been this guy before his passing? Darrel was an American government. His career revolved around forcing trucksand if he achieved a 30-years’ encounter, he combined the ice road truckers fact series. Before joining the series, Darrel was used to assist governments combat forest fires. Darrel was married to Gwen Ward, the few made it recorded in 2012 and had the pleasure of bringing two beautiful children. Tarra is a grown woman who’s engaged to Jarret, and both have two kids too. Darrel died at age 52 decades. Until his departure, Darrel was Lisa’s driving spouse on the reality series. He made a monthly income of $20,000 in the reality series.

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Hugh Rowland Salary and Net Worth

Hugh Rowland has a net worth of about $2 Million. How can he increase such a handsome quantity? He’s run the truckers company and was among the most outstanding on this front, particularly at riding on ice. Hugh can withstand extended working hours, which may consist of working both day and night and still keep up a fantastic concentration. Obtaining into finer aspects of his private life, Hugh was created in 1957 so he’s 60 years old at 017. He’s married to a Dianne Rowland. His main livelihood is truck driving. Aside from Ice street truckers, he also showcased IRT deadliest streets.

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Rick Yemm Salary and Net Worth

He doubles up his profession for a trucker and a reality TV character. He rose to fame following his appearance on ice road truckers. Yemm has emerged on ice road truckers for three seasons, looks which, along with the trucking company have helped him increase his net worth to about $600,000. From the reality series, he’s portrayed as the bad man, and he’s on record saying that he doesn’t quite enjoy this character. He doesn’t have a truck of their own nonetheless. Delving into his private life, Yemm is solitary, but word has it he has a daughter.

Alex Debogorski Salary and Net Worth

He had been born on 4 th August 1953 at a distant village at Berwyn, Canada. He’s the son of Stanley and Irene who’s equally emigrants of all Britain. Before going to Canada, his father was serving the British Army as a paratrooper and has been highly involved with the World War II. He met Irene who had been studying in Cambridge University, and they afterwards made it recorded in London. Alex is married to Louise. On a weekly basis, Alex takes dwelling roughly $1,600. He’s an yearly income of $80,000. The TV celebrity includes a wealth accumulation, which places his net worth at roughly $400,000. Alex has a charming and serene personality that made him famous that a characteristic that made him among the top candidates to participate in this series.

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Art Burke Salary and Net Worth

Art Burke was working for various companies on the ice road truckers fact series. From the series, his abilities stand out due to his capacity to operate through the freezing streets. Art climbed to fame following his look on Ice street truckers that he appeared in 2013. Art Burke is from Canada a city Called Yellowknife. His exact birth date hasn’t yet been revealed to some reliable media. Art’s trip to the truck industry started off because his youth; he started off by forcing motorbikes, cars and no time that he became a fantastic truck driver. Prior to joining the reality series, Art spent 15 years riding trucks around the icy streets of Alaska. Art has kept all the intimate details of his life from the media. Details about kids, his marital status and so forth are still under review. On a monthly basis , Art takes house roughly $30,000 as a wages from the fact show alone. Art had originally left Ice street truckers because of some differences but afterwards returned throughout its eighth period.

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Todd Dewey Salary and Net Worth

Todd transactions as a hill log hauler. If this company is on its own off-road, he resides in trucking on the icy streets of Alaska, among the reasons he found himself Ice Road Truckers fact series. In the start, Dewey was included at the throw of brief episodes but has shortly gotten the TV character career aced up to more looks. Todd Dewey’s Salary in the series is about $15,000 and has an accumulated net worth of about $500,000. This is the complete from his logging company and of a truck driver.

Drew Sherwood Salary and Net Worth

Meet with his love is outdone by the family person whose worth for honor . Yes, even the family person is well known for saying no to tasks which undermine his self-worth or takes time away for his loved ones. He’s a man that is married and was blessed with children. He believes among the drivers around Alaska’s streets. He also makes a monthly income of about $15,000 from looking on the ice road truckers and contains a remarkable prosperity whose net worth is about $650,000.

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Jay Westgard Salary and Net Worth

Jay is just another trucker on the reality series. He’s married to Debra Audrey Westgard. He had been born in 1952, so he’s aged 65 years as of 2017. By looking on the ice road truckers fact showhe makes a monthly Salary of $10,000, also Jay Westgard net worth is estimated to be approximately $300,000. His enthusiasm for trucks could be traced back to his youth. He grew up enjoying the livelihood and also his landing a contract in the reality series was a plus since he got an chance to get what he enjoys.

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Christian Rodska Salary and Net Worth

Christian is your voice narrator on ice road truckers. He had been born into a sailor who at once, was the captain of the Royal Yacht. He had a French wife called Jacqueline, and both were blessed with a son and a girl called Benjamin and Camile respectively. Christian has played several roles and made special appearances on various TV shows, films and series such as coronation street, the likely lads, the tomorrow people and lots of more. Christian is now aged 72 decades and was born on 5 th September 1945. From his many appearances on websites, Christian earns a monthly Salary of about $100,000, and his net worth stands at $1.1 million.

Stephane Rotenberg Salary and Net Worth

Stephane is a French programmer journalist. He’s 50 years old having been born on 21 st September 1967. Apart from his looks on the reality TV series, he’s also a excellent reporter and also has a profession a upstanding journalist who’s worked for a printing company and completed editing for Channel M6 amongst others. He combined the ice road truckers because its host on station w9 in 2009. From his most faces around the journalist globe, Rotenberg takes residence roughly $150,000 a month and contains a wealth accumulation whose net worth is a whopping $1.1 million. Notice: The Info on Ice Road Tuckers Salary and Net Worth was obtained from various reputable online sources also it hasn’t been formally revealed from the series or some of the cast members.

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