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Where is Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas?

This Guide is All about Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas. She’s an only son of Dorothy Jean Dandridge. Dandridge was a favorite African American singer that awakened as a theater and movie actress. Permit ‘s delve right into finer details of Harolyn’s life. I’ll tell you exactly what happened to her and provide clarity on whether she is still living.

What Happens To Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas? Is She Still Alive?

It’s presently not possible for you to say with no doubt if Harolyn Suzanne is still living or not. There, however, were speculations performing rounds which she had been taken sick and might have passed in 2003. Nonetheless, all these are merely speculations and stay as such. Some sources assert the corpse of Ms. Harolyn went and has been buried by officials. This new version of her narrative keeps coming up every day makes it very difficult to determine whether Harolyn remains living or not. Some claim she’s still held up at a mental facility that’s located in California. In accordance with our perspectives, Harolyn may still be alive, yet because of the fact that her mom gave her up on the country, information on her can’t be divulged to just anybody.


Her dad is Harold Nicholas. Her mum was a songstress and her dad was a popular dancer, a part of 2 star dance group. Dorothy and Harolyn were married for two years until they have split in 1951. She had been born with a few inabilities that were due to brain injury that had influenced the middle of her mind. She couldn’t talk correctly, and her fame senses had an issue. These disabilities introduced a struggle, particularly for her mother who had been devastated with her daughter struggling to recognize her. Her mother handed on in 1965 and her dad in 2000.

Birthdate; Era

Harolyn was created on September 2, 1943. In case Harolyn Suzane Nicolas remains living, then she’ll hit 75 in September this year. She had been born with a psychological condition that interferes with her body acts inducing them to not function normally. This was a large challenge for her parents, and her dad Mr. Harold is thought to have abandoned them with very little if any support. Her mother fought to raiseHarolyn on her very own, but she gave up and gave up her parental rights to the nation.


Suzanne was born to Nicholas and Dorothy. She had. She failed particular therapy and appeared to help fix the circumstance, but I wasn’t successful, something which brought her mom to wallow in self-blame. She felt as though she had been to blame for the condition of her daughter . She was given up for maintenance for her parents separated and her mother was not able to look after her own. Below is her overview.

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