What happened to Kristina Sunshine Jung? Wiki: Mother, Net Worth, Today

What happened to Kristina Sunshine Jung?

When you see a play movie based on fact is like you’ve been there and encounter the strings in the movie as though you were directly involved. However, if the movie is inspired by the life span of your dad, became more challenging to see it and also to relive elements of your life that perhaps you wished to forget. Kristina Sunshine Jung saw elements of her life at “Ignore,” that a 2001 film inspired by the life span of her dad, George Jung, among the largest drug traffickers from the USA back from the 70’s and 80’s.

Kristina Sunshine Jung is a daughter of Medication lord George Jung and Mom Mirtha Jung

Kristina Sunshine Jung was Created in 1978 and is the daughter of George Jung and Mirtha Jung. Having a husband, among the greatest drug traffickers, who smuggling vast amounts of cocaine to the united states is challenging to maintain the space of medication and become a drug addict. For Kristina was difficult to develop in such a household but her mom Mirtha went blank in 1981, at the title of her daughter, when she was just 3 years old. The both of them have a excellent mom and daughter connection. She’s quite grateful to her for changing her lifestyle, and she enjoys how powerful incredible and astonishing women she’s Kristina’s parents divorced in 1984. The majority of her life, her dad, George Jung was in and outside of prison and in 1994 things became distinct and Kristina’s dad George was sentenced for long period, 60 years in prison. He made a decision to testify against his spouse Carlos Lehder Rivas, and following that, his time was reduced to just 20 decades, and he premiered in 2014.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Livelihood and profession

Kristina Sunshine Jung was maintaining her life personal despite the recognition of her dad, and about the situation of her livelihood and occupation, there isn’t anything to disclose. The simple fact that she became so popular because of his dad explains all of it. She, however, gets her FB accounts where she defines herself as being a writer and also a poetess. Kristina boosts product and apparel and appears to be an entrepreneur.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Net worth, Home

According to with a few resources, her net worth is about &150.000 and apparently she’s residing with her husband and kids in a beautiful home in California. Leaving all of the illegal actions behind her father has started a company where Kristina provides an excess hand, which ought to boost her net worth soon.

Now Where’s Kristina Sunshine Jung? What’s she doing?

Following her dad George Jung was discharged from prison at 2014, they began working together in their new household business George Boston Apparel and Merchandise, Inc.. They’ve a relationship and they looked at events that are several. Together with her dad, she’s built a powerful brand. Biography for example era Kristina Sunshine Jung after wed with Romain Karan called Kristina Karan was born in 1978, and she’s 39 years old. She’s the daughter of Father Drug lord George Jung Mirtha Jung, and mom. They have kids together, although There’s not any advice on if she’s married to Romain Karan. She renders in California. She together with her dad started a family business BG Apparel and Merchandise and is an entrepreneur. The connection between her and her famous dad, George Jung was portrayed in 2001 film “Blow. “

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