What happened to Fernando Colunga? Wiki: Net Worth, Wife, Married, Now, Today

What happened to Fernando Colunga?

Fernando Colunga is a recognized performer that specializes in telenovelas.He is thought to be among the most paid actors these days. Known to many as Fernando, the Mexican celebrity is an engineer by profession.The 6 ft two inches celebrity has a large female fan base he has never disappointed with his well-built body, attraction, and expression.Colunga is arguably the best telenovela celebrity in Mexican history in the event the recent evaluations are anything to go by.He is likewise the sole Mexican actor to picture five powerful telenovelas.

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Fernando Colunga Net worth

Fernando Colunga net worth stands based on recent figures. He’s spent in different sectors aside from the movie industry making his yearly net worth to maintain a continuous increase. Colunga’s net worth is forecast to grow in 2017 into an estimated $158 million because of the inclusion of two new business ventures to the current ones. Colunga offers a series of restaurants in Mexico City called the ‘Fat ColungaBurger. ‘ Along with this he has introduced to the marketplace his own brand of vodka that goes by the title Pure Wonder ‘Colunga-Mexico. ‘ Colunga can also be targeting the junior market together with his brand new cologne called With Love Out Of Fernando using a style line called ‘FernandoSeduction. ‘Ultimately, he’s revealed his sporty side through his possession of this ‘ Mexico City Angels’ soccer team.


Fernando Colunga has many houses in various cities in Mexico and the US.But the most outstanding one is the $875,000 home in Miami he’s selling it for her girlfriend in $825,000. Along with this Colunga has many shirts of the range cars which aren’t mathematically accessible since he favors his private life from the cameras.Colunga also possesses a soccer team known as the Mexico City Angels and along with this, a chain of restaurants known as Fat Colunga Burger.


Over the recent decades, Fernando Colunga’s fiscal superstar seemed to be decreasing, but it appears that the course has a method with monetary choices. He had only the interval between April 2016 and April 2017 to regain his No.1 spot in the very paid actors group.

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Colunga has managed to keep his private life far from the glare of cameras and very little is understood just about his private life particularly with his own city-hopping sort of nature.But which isn’t sufficient to stop the general public from discovering his millionaire lifestyle.Driving pricey automobiles, fancy restaurants, relationship versions and telenovela stars simply to mention but a couple of


Fernando Colunga was born on 3 rd March 1966 at Mexico City, to Don Fernando Colunga(dad ) and Dona Margarita Olivares(Mother).Being a single son, he doesn’t have an siblings.He analyzed Civil Engineering and graduated from The University of Mexico.He first began acting in the studios of Televisa, the top studios to its well-established telenovela stars.He is wed to Blanca Soto, a telenovela celebrity.

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