What happened to Eve Kilcher? Wiki: Death, Net Worth, Wedding, Education

What happened to Eve Kilcher?

Eve Kilcher is among the lead actors of this reality series, ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’. The series is quite popular and airs on the Discovery Channel. It’s been gaining audiences continuously since the day it began. Eve is the spouse of Eivin Kilcher who’s also a direct performer on the series. The series is based on the life span of their Kilcher household and shows how they live in the harsh climate of Alaskan wilderness with no much contemporary technology. The series has reached its sixth period and is still happening due to its high recognition.

Eve KilcherEra, Data

Eve Kilcher is a significant part the reality show ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’. Her age is unknown since there aren’t any reliable resources, which inform her specific age. It’s likely that she didn’t disclose her age herself for private motives. She is known by Everybody as Eivin Kilcher’s working spouse. Her father in law enforcement is Otto Kilcher and mom in law enforcement is Charlotte Kilcher. She’s three brothers in law also specifically, August, Torry and Levi Kilcher.

Married life

Eve is the Spouse of Eivin Kilcher. They live happily in the jungle of their jungles. Eve appears after the farm also has the ability and capability to grow huge amounts of veggies in a brief length of time. With this capacity, she’s ready to grow enough vegetables which would be demanded for the subsequent 8 months of winter. Her husband, Eivin, on the other hand, protects their farm also goes for searching and collecting occasionally. This couple has two kids.

Family, Kids

She has a son and a girl specifically, Findlay and Sparrow Rose Kilcher. The two are wonderfully cute and cute. From these two, Findlay is the older one. Eve also offers a dad in law called Otto Kilcher and a mom in law called Charlotte Kilcher. She’s three brothers in law also. This entire family lives together and confronts the hardships and the joys of the wilderness. Eve attempts to develop all of the vegetables for the household . That’s so because during the months of winter no vegetable could be increased.

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Net worth

The net worth of Eve is about $2 million. She shares her net worth . They both would be the direct actors of this reality series ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’. Her and her husband also have written a novel together. Her principal source of income is that the series itself.


Eve Kilcher hasn’t disclosed many private facts about herself. The title of her parents along with her era are unknown. Her birth date and birthplace are unknown also. There have to be some explanations for her not to disclose many private information. She is the mom of 2 kids and is the wife of Eivin Kilcher.

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